Level Self-Assessment Form

Determine your point score by answering the following questions, then adding up your points at the end to see what your level is. (This form is not automated so you may need a pen and paper.)

Q. How long have you been dancing Collegiate Shag regularly? (Regularly means at least once a week in a class and a social)

  •  I am totally new to Collegiate Shag *or* I have had less than 6 Shag classes (0 points). If you select this option, you are done with the level assessment and should sign up for the Ladybird level.
  • Less than 6 months regularly (1 point)
  • 6 months – 1 year regularly (2 points)
  • 1-2 years regularly (3 points)
  • 3-5 years regularly (4 points)
  • More than 5 years regularly (5 points)
  • I dance Shag but irregularly (1 point)


Q. What would best describe your *current* Collegiate Shag dancing?

  • I dance Shag in regular classes AND regular socials (2 points)
  • I only take regular classes in Shag. I don’t social dance Shag (1 point)
  • I only regularly social dance Shag, I don’t take Shag classes (1 point)
  • I am dancing Collegiate Shag irregularly (ie less than once a week), whether classes and/or socials (0 points)


Q. Have you performed a Collegiate Shag choreography?

  • Yes (1 point)
  • No (0 points)


Q. Have you competed in a Collegiate Shag competition?

  • Yes, once or twice (1 point)
  • No (0 points)
  • Yes, several times (2 points)


Q. Do you teach Collegiate Shag regularly?

  • Yes (2 points)
  • Occasionally (1 point)
  • Never (0 points)


Q. Which of the following reactions is most accurately you when you hear a super fast song at a social?

  • I am the first on the dance floor (2 points)
  • I’ll have a go but may or may not make it to the end of the song (1 point)
  • I’d have to be bribed with chocolate and gin before I’d voluntarily dance to that (0 points)


Q. Which best describes your Shag social dancing habits?

  • I dance mainly with the same 10 people at an event, whether that’s people I know or people that are at a certain level (0 points)
  • I dance with anyone and everyone (assuming no safety issues) regardless of their level or familiarity (2 points)
  • I dance with everyone who asks me (assuming no safety issues) and I will ask those I think I can keep up with (1 point)
  • I hide in the corner (0 points)


Q. Currently, do you consciously attend Shag classes that are pitched at a lower level than your skill?

  • Yep, keeping my fundamentals strong help my over-all dancing (2 points)
  • No (0 points)
  • Occasionally (1 point)


Q. Which best describes you?

  • I lead and I follow equally in Shag (2 points)
  • I have a primary role I do most of the time but I do actively try to do the other role as well (1 point)
  • I only dance one role in Shag (0 points)


Q. Do you practice Collegiate Shag with a partner outside of classes and socials?

  • Yes, at least once a month (3 points)
  • Yes, a few times a year (2 points)
  • Yes, maybe once a year (1 point)
  • No (0 points)


Q. How well can you do Shag cross kicks (ie, double kick on the 1 & 3, and 3 steps on the 4, 5 & 6)? 

  • What’s cross kicks? (0 points)
  • Not very well but it’s on my list to practice! (1 point)
  • Pretty well but I could probably use some refinement (2 points)
  • I kill them every time! (3 points)


Q. What best describes your actions regarding the classes you take at a Shag event/festival once that festival is finished?

  • I usually forget most of it *or* I look at the recap videos, but I never get around to practicing it (0 points)
  • I look at the recap videos, but I only practice a small handful of what’s in them maybe once (1 point)
  • I practice just my favourite things from the re-cap videos (2 points)
  • I continue practicing everything in the recap videos until it’s in my muscle memory (3 points)

Now that you have completed the Level Assessment Form, add up your point score for each question, find the relevant level below, return to the previous Levels page and take the mandatory self-test for that level.


Ladybird- Point score: 0-5


Grasshopper – Point score: 6-10


Bunny – Point Score: 11-15


Kangaroo – Point Score: 16-20


Gazelle – Point Score: 21-27

Please note – this assessment is only intended as a guide that points you in a general direction, e.g. a point score of 11 will only place you accurately in Bunny level if you can pass the Bunny self-test – if you can’t pass the Bunny self-test -even with a point score of 11 - you should then self-test for the Grasshopper level.